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Vehicles Sedan Wagon 4WD/Van
Price $20 $25 $30

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From $20 – Prices vary  upon car size and the state of the car

–       Super Crystal Car Wash includes removing dirt and pollutants on the car exterior including windows, plastic trimmings, wheel and exhaust pipe.

–       First, we eliminate foreign materials with our special equipment that has been mechanically engineered to prevent damage that would be caused by hand washing.

–       Our special shampoo is used to remove dirt and prevent any minor scratches on the car exterior. We use non-acidic and non-alkaline natural ingredient containing shampoos.

–       To prevent water marks on the cleaned car surface, we use semi-leather cloth in the drying process.

–       A high pressured air hose is used on panel trimmings to prevent water dripping.

–       A specific detergent is used to remove break dust on wheels, wheel rim and mud flaps, preventing wheel surface erosion. It is then dried.

–       The exterior surface state is checked thoroughly.

–       All glass including side mirrors are cleaned and polished using glass-specific chemical. After the car exterior is cleaned, the whole car state is checked.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]