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Vehicles Sedan Wagon 4WD/Van
Price From $45 From $55 From $65

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Sedan From $45 From Wagon $55 From 4WD/Van $65

–      Super Crystal Premium Car Wash Plus

–       Regular waxing for your vehicle through our experienced staff is the best way to maintain your car in top condition with low costs.

–       We recommend waxing and polish once a month for the protective layer to last, however this depends on the degree of exposure to your vehicle.

–       Our skilled technicians use  solid wax and hand apply it to the exterior surface paint of your vehicle using a small circular motion.

–       The wax is applied with careful motion to avoid panel joints, rubber and plastic trims and not to leave any white residue behind.

–       As the wax dries, an extra soft microfiber cloth is used to remove excess wax for a high gloss finish.

–       Wax and polish detailing protects the paintwork of your vehicle as well as preventing water marks forming by water being able to easily run off the car, allowing your car to stay cleaner for longer.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]