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Super Crystal Car Wash at Albany Highway, Gosnells is proud to be among the preferred car wash. From commencement We have 100% satisfied customers in cleaned and rejuvenated vehicles, all by hand wash. We don’t use machines or brushes or bristles, just hands, because it is gentle on your car.

In just 30 minutes, while you relax with magazines, we will clean your car to the high level that you expect. We will even check your car’s tyre pressure and top up with air. Just tell us what pressure you require.

Hand Wash

Every member at The super crystal car wash has the same goal in mind: perfection. We strive to excel above and beyond the competition by offering you


Polishing & Buffing

We use a specially designed polish to remove swirl marks and fine scratches, while buffing your paint to a wet look shine! Then as a seperate step,


Interior Wash

Our commitment to our customers is to provide the top quality cleaning and detailing at competitive prices. The following are the interior car was services


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